Sheridan Langan-Shaw

Business Development Manager
07 3355 6233

After spending two years living in Dublin, Sheridan returned to Australia in search of a challenging and rewarding career. She initially came to Denovans in 2006 as a Receptionist. Sheridan found the industry to be exactly what she was looking for - dynamic, challenging, rewarding and motivating. She changed roles in 2007, after discovering a passion for Property Management. Sheridan was further promoted to Senior Property Manager in 2008 and is now Denovans Business Development Manager. Her love of people and the industry she works in enables her to deliver a special kind of personalised service in her role as a business development manager.

Agent Review

My interactions with Denovans have mainly been with Sheridan. Sheridan has given me wonderful continuity of professional service and guidance over a number of years. I have valued her on a personal level and on a professional level. Her continuity of service and her professionalism made it so much easier for me to keep the property rented. A lovely person and fantastic property manager.